Follow your dreams

Most people will have plenty of ideas to create a game, no matter how grand the scope of the project. However, in today's development

world and depending on the game world being created, it can be become rapidly complex. Games have to be built to provide various interactivity that the previous

generation of games could never do - items and elements in a game world could be picked up, or flown across the world from a nearby explosion.

While development is tightly coupled with Game Design, this becomes the absolute limits of what your dream game can do, and the illusion

of the limits makes your games stand out.

Our Experience

3D ARM was created by people who have been playing games since the 8-bit era all the way to present day, starting with the Amstrad CPC 464.

Our technical director has grown up with games development - following the programming

evolution and the rise of hardware 3D accelerators. His first major milestone in games programming was with OpenGL in 2001, using NeHe's Guide

as a starting point, where dynamic landscapes, texture mapped text, multi-monitor support and a generalized game engine for loading models

and textures that were common at the time.

We employ the latest frameworks available to us, including Unity and Unreal Engine 4.