Flymageddon Fly Modelling

15th May 2016 | 3D ARM

Flymageddon Game Fly Modelling

With the concept approved and delivered, it was onto modelling the character. We needed to create a clean base mesh suitable for animation and high res detail work.

Using the reference images provided we setup the image planes ready for modelling, with defined design limits:

Triangle Limit = 10,000

Triangle Target = 5,000

This is the first pass image of the model, weighing in at 4818 triangles:

The wings were just placed in before moving onto finalling the character, before reworking the wings as well as cleaning up

other areas of the mesh:

For laying out the UV’s we used a combination of Maya and ZBrush.

I used Maya to initially layout the UV’s and define where I wanted the seams positioned, and then used ZBrush UV Master to refine them further:

Once approved we moved onto hi res detailing in ZBrush

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