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5th January 2015 | 3D ARM

Setting up creative code workshops for year 4

We had a fantastic meeting with the Headmaster and Head of ICT at Northfield Manor Junior and Infant School yesterday.

Attending the meeting with The 21 Pirates team Ben Pinnock and Liam Blunden, we introduced our skills and how we felt we could help support the learning and development of pupils studying the games curriculum recently introduced into Schools.

Discussing recent technology platforms and hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2, iPads, Scratch and the MaKey MaKey and their potential for delivering interesting learning experiences, we then demoed the MaKey MaKey device to the staff:

They really enjoyed the demo, it went down really well - it's always good to get the people leading the meeting involved in what you have to offer, especially when it's playing games!

We were asked why we were interested in helping the School and supporting pupils which for me was simple:

When I was at School I didn't do very well at all. It wasn't because I couldn't do the work or didn't understand the topics, it was just that it was never interesting to me. I knew what I liked - films, games and related artwork and looking back I can see that alot of the subjects I was studying were relevant to what I enjoyed - it was just that the connection between the two was never present and I would have found other subjects more accessible if they were presented in a more fun and hands on way - I think I am just that kind of learner.

I believe anyone who is having fun will learn more and gain more skills through the process if they are enjoying it and interacting with it in some way.

So we are hoping to inspire young people who aren't interested/ struggling in particular areas of learning to join in, have fun and move forward with their education.

We will run 7 after School clubs under The 21 Pirates banner which will culminate in a huge science, gaming and interactive show for the parents, staff and children - those shows really need bringing back!

So now it's down to designing the selection process for ten pupils in Stage 4 or 5 that will get chosen. Can't wait to get started - its so important to take on work that actually makes you happy alongside other contracts, feeling good about this one!

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