Robot Summer Camp

4th September 2015 | 3D ARM

Delivering a Summer camp with B.O.M

We were invited to help deliver the very first Summer Camp at Birmingham Open Media as creative technologists.

Thirteen 7-11 year olds enjoyed a week of character and vehicle design, drawing and craft, electronics and robotics and stop motion animation.

The incredible week begin with us teaching character development, back stories, where they live and why they look the way they do.

We used an app called Foldify to create the templates they would use to construct their creations.

Each child was then given a CrumbleBot kit, along with some instructions on how to get started.

They even did some basic coding in Scratch to programme the movements and actions required.

Incorporating the robotics into their designs - some trickier than others!

Once the robots were moving around they set about designing a world they could inhabit, creating storyboards and scenarios for their creations to play out on the stop motion stage.

It was a great week, lots of fun and some fantastic creations - I hope they continue to tell stories and build bigger robots!

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